BLACKOUT DarkLord Saber!

BLACKOUT DarkLord Saber!

Introducing a new kind of Saber!

Based heavily on our favourite dark lords saber, this piece features a complete textured black out look!

The hand made stainless steel hilt gives a weight and durability that you won’t find in any aluminium saber hilts.

Each and every piece of this saber has been scratch built! From the functioning control box to the fins on the grip!

We use a high quality 304 food and medical Stainless Steel for our hilts that give an undeniable level of strength and everlasting ruggedness!

Choose from 2 different electronics packages!

The new RGBX Baselit electronics feature smooth swing technology! Meaning a smooth and reactive life like sound when you move the saber!

The baselit 3 LED's mean that you can pick whichever colour you're feeling today!

Cycle through the 12 different sound "fonts" until you find the perfect combination!

A new for baselit sabers this saber has gesture controls that give you the ability to turn on and off you saber with a flick of the wrist!

This option comes with a duelling blade, meaning that if you're looking for some light-medium saber V saber contact you're good to go!

GHV3 variants come with the very powerful Golden Harvest V3 sound card! This little chip comes pre loaded with dozens of "fonts" and has an incredibly realistic and crisp sound to it!

GHV3 variants come with a very bright Neopixel blade. (meaning it has LEDs inside the blade that travel to the top!) Neopixel blades give you that ever so satisfying on and off animation when igniting your saber!

GHV3 sound cards give you the highest level in customisation without any computer work that other cards sometimes need.

You can change blade length, animations, colours, blade effects and many more all from the saber!

Neopixel sabers are not recommended by us for duelling.