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Monster Hunter Enchanted axe!

Monster Hunter Enchanted axe!

Introducing the newest piece in our monster hunter line.

The Enchanted Axe!

This piece has an elegant and simple completely hand built hilt with various historical inspirations.

The robust stainless steel handle has a two part wrap to give you a sure grip of the axe!

The handles wrap consist of a fine wax coated cord and genuine kangaroo leather for striking looks and practicality!

It features a hand built 10mm thick Acrylic blade, heavily inspired by Tolkien's universe.

The baselit 3 LED's mean that you can pick whichever colour you're feeling today!

If you feel like letting the dark side come out then simply set the colours to red!

Feeling like the hero? perhaps a green or blue or maybe somewhere in between!

Note: Acrylic blades are not suitable for duelling.

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