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StarCrusader Saber!

StarCrusader Saber!

Introducing the StarCrusader Saber!


The hand made stainless steel hilt gives a weight and durability that you won’t find in any aluminium saber hilts.


With inspirations of the knights of old who may be roaming the galaxies. Laying waste to any and all who stand against their codes.


This piece has a certain aggression to it that you feel as soon as you pick it up!


The handmade hilt is then expertly and deliberately weathered to show that this hilt has served its user well in many battles!


The electronics inside feature smooth swing baselit technology! Meaning a smooth and reactive life like sound when you move the saber!


This piece comes with a handmade and ground 10mm thick acrylic flat blade! These blades have the undeniable awesome look to them and feel great to swing! If you're looking to duel make sure to message us and we can organise a duelling blade with this saber too!


The baselit 3 LED's mean that you can pick whichever colour you're feeling today!


If you feel like letting the dark side come out then simply set the colours to red!

Feeling like the hero? perhaps a green or blue or maybe somewhere in between!


This piece features the brand new and ever impressive motion controls! So with a flick of the wrist this saber comes to life!


Cycle through the 12 different sound "fonts" until you find the perfect combination!


Note; Acrylic blades are not suited for duelling.

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