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Viking’s Hidden Blade prop!

Viking’s Hidden Blade prop!

For the first time in months we're happy to release a new hidden blade design!

This awesome collectable cosplay piece has a beautiful hand tooled veg tanned 3mm leather cuff! We then went in and painted, conditioned and wet formed for a comfy and sleek fit!

The “blade” is made of a 5mm thick Stainless steel! The blade housing case is also stainless steel meaning these pieces will last a lifetime and more!

The elegant colour combination really pops out and with the 3mm leather bracing you know that this piece is secure!

We added some Viking style runes with a classic AC saying

"Nothing is true; everything is permitted"

Note: this fan art cosplay piece uses a safe action gravity fed design. This means no springs and no locking in the extended position.

The blade is not sharp for safety reasons.

This is not a weapon.

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