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Introducing our final production run of the Viking saber-axe Lite!

This version comes with a full stainless steel construction hilt giving it a quality, hefty weight and feel.

The grip is a wax coated cord that ensures a strong grip no matter how fierce the battle!

The 10mm thick Polycarbonate blade illuminates with the press of a switch creating an impressive effect!

This axe is packing a base lit saber core with 9 different and authentic sounding fonts!

It also has a full range of colours that you can change on the go to suit whatever mood you’re feeling!

The blade is replaceable as we are going to be stocking a few different replacement blades such as a scythe, bearded axe and more to be announced!

Note: dueling with flat blades is not recommended, we encourage all dueling to be done with sabers such as our Viking saber lite series.

    $379.00 Regular Price
    $341.10Sale Price
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