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Enchanted Viking Sword & Scabbard!

Enchanted Viking Sword & Scabbard!

Introducing the Newest edition on the enchanted sword series!

This combo is taking inspiration from the real life historical and legendary Ulfberht Swords! Originally wielded by the Viking's this piece fits right into the enchanted series!

Each one is totally hand built from scratch by our talented smiths, we are very proud of these enchanted swords and the level of quality we can bring to you!

This beautiful hilt features a soft cow leather wrap that was cord binded to create the little ridges in the grip! Keeping with the Viking style this hilt has a minimalist guard that doesn't interfere with the use of a shield or secondary weapon!

This swords blade is its crown jewel! A totally new experiment that we are very proud of! Each enchanted sword uses a 10mm thick acrylic blade that we grind, shape and paint all by hand to give it a look of a genuine steel sword blade.

Then we painstakingly cut the runes into the centre of the blade! (Make sure to ask us about adding your very own custom runes! Be that family name, favourite quote, happy birthday, etc. all for ZERO extra cost!)

We have utilised one of our silent saber electronics kits to give you the ability to cycle through the entire RBG colour spectrum! Also we have a handy charging port built right into the hilt so no disassembly is need to charge it between uses!

This piece is the first in our enchanted line to have a rigid Aluminium scabbard!

It Itself is a work of art packed full of features!

Firstly being made from aluminium means that this featherweight design isn't a burden to carry around or hang on the walls!

Speaking of carrying this scabbard has a generous 3mm thick leather belt loop that will fit just about any belt!

It has a reinforced stainless steel nose cap that protects the end of the scabbard from bumps along your adventures!

The open tip allows for easy cleaning and draining of water that might find its way into the scabbard.

The scabbard has a large bit of real estate that you can add runes to for zero extra cost!

Finally we made a kangaroo leather wrap for the upper section of the scabbard where you'll likely hold to draw your sword!

Note: Acrylic flat blades are not suitable for duelling.

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