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Real Steel, Real handmade!

Let us tell you a little about RSP,


Nate started making props as a young child and always dreamed of a day that he could do it for a career.

In 2019 after some encouragement from friends he started uploading images of his builds to social media. 

Things grew beyond our wildest expectations,

RSP found an amazing online community that has grown a combined social media following of over 900K friends!

Through this community RSP turned into Nate's full time dream career where he has had the opportunity to produce over 500 different pieces of metal art, swords, sabers and props and ship them all over the world!

Nate now works 7 days a week building all the amazing art and props while shooting videos in the workshop to help entertain the people who support our business.

Although very stressful at times RSP is a family that feels so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing community of loyal followers and customers.

That is our story so far, we hope to have many more to share into the future and it would be our pleasure to make you a part of it!

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