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Legendary Enchanted Sword

Legendary Enchanted Sword

Introducing the Legendary enchabted sword!

This sword is perfect for any cosplayer looking for a sword to complete an adventurer or monster hunting look!

It’s totally hand built from scratch by our talented smiths, we are very excited to bring this all new style of iconic design into our Monster Hunter collection!

This beautiful hilt has many medieval and fantasy inspirations. It features a soft cow leather grip with a wolves head pommel and an upswept stainless steel guard that allows for easy and effortless spinning and twirling.

This swords blade is its crown jewel! A 10mm thick acrylic blade as been ground, shaped and painted to look like a steel sword blade.

Then we painstakingly cut by hand the runes into the centre of the blade! We have utilised one of our silent saber electronics kits to give you the ability to cycle through the entire RBG colour spectrum! Also we have a handy charging port built right into the hilt so no disassembly is need to charge it between uses!

Note: Acrylic flat blades are not suitable for duelling. Round duelling blades can be added on as an extra at request.

This is a handmade article and as such it is subject to small variances from the pictured example.

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