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The hand made steel hilt gives a weight and durability that you just won’t find in any aluminium saber hilts.


Taking Inspirations from both the one handed arming swords carried by the soldiers of old and a Viking raiders berserker sword this piece has both a modern and historical feel to it!


The handmade hilt is made using a combination of modern machinery and historical techniques to produce an undeniably authentic feel to it!


Choose from two different sets of electronics:

-Xeno3RGB Smoothswing baselit.

featuring over a dozen different sounds to choose from as well as a bunch of different blade effects! This really is the ultimate of baselit technology!

Stunt RGB silent kit .

A much more basic kit though nonetheless impressive this kit lacks some of the cost and features of the xeno3 but still packs a punch with an incredible bright set of LEDs and a full range of colours that make your blade truely unique!


This piece comes with a handmade and ground 10mm thick acrylic flat blade! These blades have the undeniable awesome look to them and feel great to swing!

If youre looking to add your own inscription or runes to the blade feel free to message us and we can add them for ZERO additional costs!



Note: Acrylic blades are not suited for duelling.

We strongly discourage using a flat blade for striking.

Message us after purchasing if you’re interested in a duelling option and we can fit your hilt so it can use a round light saber duelling blade free of charge.

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