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Viking Raiders Saber!

Viking Raiders Saber!

Introducing an all new variant to our super popular Viking saber range!




Each hilt is completely scratch made by hand from high quality 304 food and medical grade stainless steel!


The 3 textured leather grip sections are made from a beautiful and supple kangaroo skin!


This piece features 3 elegant runes that signify that this is a warriors weapon who's code and honour is unbroken!


This piece is available in 3 different configurations!


•silent electronics with a round duelling blade.


This option is a fantastic choice for those looking for a high level handmade steel hilt saber but aren't looking to break the bank with expensive features.


This kit has the light up blade effect that you would expect a saber to have but without any complicated sound boards.

It's a durable option that is less likely to bother your neighbours, parents or significant other with never ending whooshing sounds!


These electronics have a handy built in charging port so you never need to disassemble the saber to charge the battery.


Finally you have the ability to pick any colour you like with the onboard colour changing modes! Just the press of a switch and you can go from light to dark side of the Nordic forces!


•baselit RGBX with round duelling blade.


This version utilises the new RGBX Baselit electronics that feature smooth swing technology! Meaning a smooth and reactive life like sound when you move the saber!


This piece comes loaded with 12 sound fonts to choose from so you can mix and match colours and sounds to you find the perfect combo for you!


•Proffie v2.2 Neopixel round blade. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.


Proffie V2.2 variants come with a very bright Neopixel round blade. (meaning it has LEDs inside the blade that travel to the top!) Neopixel blades give you that ever so satisfying on and off animation when igniting your saber!


Proffie V2.2 sound cards give the most realistic saber experience that we have ever seen! It has the most effective and responsive motion sensors so every little movement gives you a life like saber sound!


Neopixel sabers are not recommended by us for duelling.


We are very proud of the whole Viking range pieces and we're very excited to bring this sleek, clean and budget friendly saber to the custom hand built market.


Each and every piece is hand made by us! This means care is taken to make each piece as special as possible. Our prices reflect that we are not a mass producing company.


Feel free to let us know any custom inscriptions you would like added to your hilt!

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