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Introducing the VIKING SABER-SPEAR!

Completely handmade in Adelaide south Australia from 304 food and medical grade stainless steel!

This awesome piece has a Viking theme and features runes and Norse designs that will bring a smile to the face of anyone!

The back of the hilt has a fallen order style “broken” end to show where this weapon took damage in a battle

This sabers electronics feature a powerful LED combination that illuminates the blade to whichever colour you wish!

You set the colour yourself via the button on the hilt meaning you can choose dark or light side every time you pick it up!

It’s high quality speaker outputs a nice clean sound to fully immerse yourself in the experience!

The xenoRGB electronics core mean

this package has a smooth swing effect that’s jam packed full of multiple different sabers sounds to pick from!

(Note each item is handmade and this may have very slight differences to the pictures)

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