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Wastelanders Sword!

Wastelanders Sword!

Introducing something a bit different to our enchanted sword series!

The Wastelanders Sword!

Taking inspiration from our favourite post apocalyptic world, this fallout inspired art piece is awesome!

It features a very weathered handmade stainless steel hilt. We added details like the motorbike brake, spinning valve handle and copper tubes to really sell this piece!

The grip is wrapped in a course and robust leather to give you a good and powerful grip of this prop!

It features a hand built 10mm thick Acrylic blade that glows at the press of a button!

The baselit 3 LED's mean that you can pick whichever colour you're feeling today!

Cycle through the 12 different sound "fonts" until you find the perfect combination!

Note: Acrylic blades are not suitable for duelling.

Handmade articles mean there may be slight variations to the pictures version.

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